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3 days in Amsterdam – vegan restaurants & co (english)

My first thoughts when it comes to the Netherlands are windmills and of course the language which I – to be honest – don’t really like. Nevertheless I always wanted to visit Amsterdam: Now it happened 🙂

In this article I’m going to write about all the things we did, yummy vegan food we ate and some random tipps.

The preparation

We didn’t prepare a lot, we just went to the library and grabbed a typical travel guide with map of Amsterdam. Additionally I downloaded an offline map and saved some restaurants on my happy-cow account because I don’t have any internet in other countries than Germany. Something to keep in mind: In the Netherlands you sometimes aren’t able to pay with cash! You may need your credit card one or two times. We booked a flat with air bnb, only 15 minutes away from the city center and stayed from Sunday to Thursday.

Day 1 – Sunday, October 8

At 6 in the morning I got up because we had to catch the train at 6.36. Five hours later we arrived in Amsterdam. We walked through the hall of the train station and heard a person playing the piano. First I was a bit confused. A piano?? And yes, there stood a piano with “play me!” written on it. Okay, that’s cool! And to be honest the man played really great!

My first thought when I went outside the building: Wow, you have to be careful to not get ran over by a bike! I always thought that people overstate the huge amount of bikes in the city of Amsterdam, but they really don’t.

After a few minutes we found our tram station and went to the big “A” that was written at the other side of the street. When we got into the train the driver nearly caught my backpack with the door. Thanks for your impatience! To take the tram in Amsterdam can be compared with riding a roller coaster… Or at least the tram 26 from Amsterdam Centraal Station to Ijburg.

When we arrived at our destination, we walked five minutes and got into our small flat. It is one room BUT very beautiful and with a “balcony” overlooking the water! It’s fantastic to watch the ducks and the seagulls swimming from one side to the other.

We left our luggage in our flat and took the tram to the city because we wanted to eat something.

We walked and walked until I realised that the restaurant we wanted to visit was closed… Nooo! By the way, the shops are opened on Sunday, so we bought in a supermarket a few things we could need.

We walked and walked to find another one until we arrived at the Rijksmuseum. While walking through the tunnel we listened to a band that made great music.

After walking through the Vondelpark, a really nice park, we finally arrived at our destination:
The Vegan Junk Food Bar – I heard it has the best burgers ever, so I had to try one! We ordered a burger, sweet potato fries with mayo and cheeze spring rolls. Everything was so delicious! We paid 21.75€ for all this delicious food. The restaurant only takes credit cards but you can also pay with cash, they just can’t change. In addition, they have the smallest toilet in the whole world. I promise.

After we finished we wanted to walk into the city again and then we saw a raw-vegan café. We just had to go inside, something delicious sweet was needed ?

Alchemist Garden – I ordered a chocolate smoothie and it was sooo delicious!! I can really recommend it, the atmosphere is just beautiful, they even have a couch! To be honest I even slept a few minutes there, it was way too comfortable and I was too tired.

Amsterdam reminds me of three cities

  • Paris: The architecture
  • Copenhagen: The water
  • London: The rain that comes and goes and comes and goes just how it wants to. ☔

After this long day we were a bit exhausted, so we drove home. When it was dark outside we walked a few steps to the sea, it was very cold but definitely worth it!
Good night, I’m looking forward to tomorrow 🙂 ?

Day 2 – October, 9

At 7 o’clock we woke up, so we got dressed and walked to the beach to watch the sun rise. The weather was quite cloudy so we didn’t get to see the sun, only a few clouds were coloured a bit pink. Nevertheless we walked more than one hour along the water and I was really surprised that there were so many birds! Seagulls and ducks everywhere.

When we came back, we had a small breakfast, I ate oatmeal with my tasty alpro vanilla dessert and crumbled an oreo biscuit at the top. After that I slept for nearly an hour because I was too tired.

When I woke up, we took the tram to the city because we wanted to have breakfast/lunch in the city. It started raining a lot but we walked and walked through really beautiful streets of Amsterdam along the water.

Vegabond – A tiny shop with a lot of vegan products and a corner at the window with seating places. You can eat pastries filled with spinach, selfmade doughnuts (the best EVER! Fluffy and a bit crispy ??)  as well as raw cake and spring rolls ? Everything vegan! We were very happy with this discovery. It was so nice to sit there and watch the rain and the Gracht that’s next to the bistro.

When we left it stopped raining so we walked to the Tulip museum, saw the Anne Frank house and walked around.? There were a lot of nice shops, we went into one and I bought a map where you can scrub off the countries you visited. I wanted to save my money but I was always looking for this! So I had to buy it.

We walked to the south of the city. Even after half an hour of walking we didn’t find what we were looking for (I forgot the name…).

There was a boat station so we made a boat tour through the city and saw a lot of interesting things.

Because we were a bit hungry, we walked to a restaurant called “terra zen”. When we arrived they said that they will close for one hour and we can’t get any food. (Nothing was written on the internet!?)
But okay, we walked to a tram station to get to another restaurant. After 15 minutes we arrived and… It was closed.
We were very hungry but okay. So we decided to go to a restaurant called “Golden Temple”. On the way we found a big supermarket (Albert Heijn) and I finally found my macchiato drink!! ?

The tram drove us to the station and google maps told us to walk a few steps. We didn’t find a restaurant. We walked 20 minutes and still didn’t find it until a friendly person of a restaurant told us that we were at the wrong side of the city. Really!? There are TWO tram stations with the same name, WHY? The most stupid thing ever. That leaded to another 30 minutes of walking.

BUT we arrived. It took us 3 hours to find an open restaurant.

Golden temple – Very nice place, great atmosphere and a friendly and kind service! The food is very expensive (main dish between 15 and 21€) but we were so hungry that we ordered something.
Nachos with Guacamole
Taste of India
Dish of the day
Chocolate pie

It turned out to a very nice evening. After that we drove home and just fell tired into our beds.

Day 3 – October, 10

“Neuer Tag, neues Glück.”
This day the sky was a bit clearer so we tried to catch the sunrise. We walked to the beach and finally could see the sunrise ? It was so beautiful and reminded me a bit of Denmark.

We took a tram to the central station and walked into a bus driving to Westerpark because a lot of friends recommended me a café called
Koffie ende Koeck – What a cute place! Such a beautiful decoration, nice music and – to be honest – the BEST pancakes I’ve ever eaten! I also ate a self-made crossoint (I haven’t eaten a crossoint since three years… ?), self-made butter and raspberry jam. It was so delicious, I can just recommend you to visit this amazing place! They even have salty food like pancakes and bread but only from 10.30 upwards ? Next to this café is a big park where you can enjoy a nice walk.


Back home we packed our stuff and left the apartment. Back in the city we were visiting the Nieuwe Kerk where is an exhibition about Gandhi, King and Mandela (we didn´t went in because we hadn´t enough time).

We walked through the city, went into some shops and realised that we are a bit hungry again 😀 So we gave it another try and walked to Terra Zen again. This time it was opened and we ordered a wrap and spring rolls. The food was quite good, but at the same time quite pricy.

Because it was almost 4 o`clock, we went back to the central station, stood a last time by the sea.

Bye bye Amsterdam, was nice to meet you!

Those three days were so amazing and I don´t hink that it was too little time, we saw a lot of the city and really enjoyed the time. Amsterdam is smaller than Frankfurt BUT has way more vegan restaurants. And you can find the macchiato drink in the super market (found mine at Albert Heijn, Dam), which is super delicious!

I can recommend Amsterdam for a weekend-trip because the city is not too big and very because of all the water around. The public transport is very good, the tram comes every 3-8 minutes and the 24 hour ticket is with 7.5 € not expensive. You can also rent bikes but the weather was not very inviting. 😉 To know the German language can be very helpful, you will understand a lot. Also the people are very friendly and open, they just talk even if they don´t know each other. The city itself is quite modern, the architecture is unique.

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  1. Brandon Brandon

    Awesome trip! I went to Amsterdam at the end for September for a week! More than enough time to hit all of the vegan eats but wow! Vegan Junk Food Bar was awesome and Bagels & Beans was also great too, so many of them around and such good vegan options (also vegan cream cheese! ?)

    • Miri Miri

      That sounds great! And even vegan cream cheese, wow! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  2. Wow drei Tage warst du dort, da kann man sich ja schon einiges anschauen. Was ich gemerkt habe ist, man sollte die Besuche der Restaurants gut planen, damit man nicht vor verschlossener Tür steht. Ist schon blöd wenn man riesen Hunger hat und dann ist geschlossen oder. Ich habe deinen Artikel sehr genossen Miri, ich war ja selber auch schon in Amsterdam, das ist aber schon länger her. Zu der Zeit war ich noch nicht vegan gewesen, von da her weiß ich ja jetzt bescheid wo es lecker Essen gibt.

    • Miri Miri

      Oh ja, wir hatten sooo einen Hunger! 🙁 Dann wird es doch mal wieder Zeit für einen Trip nach Amsterdam, oder? Viel Spaß auf jeden Fall 😉

  3. Amsterdam ist echt toll und man kann auch in wenigen Tagen einiges sehen. Bei den veganen Restaurants hat sich ja auch einiges getan. Als ich das erste mal 2013 dort war gab es vielleicht eine handvoll, trotzdem fand ich Amsterdam schon immer sehr veganfreundlich. Damals gab es nämlich schon fast überall Sojamilch für den Kaffee und ich habe auch immer Restaurants mit zumindest einer veganen Option gefunden. Deine Tipps werde ich mir auf jeden Fall mal merken für meinen nächsten Besuch.
    Liebe Grüße

    • Miri Miri

      Oh ja, da hast du absolut Recht! Man merkt echt, wie viel sich in den letzten Jahren getan hat, auch hier in Deutschland! 🙂
      Viel Spaß dann in Amsterdam. LG

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