Poems & Thoughts


Dreams come, dreams go,
hope’s melting like snow.
Don’t know where I’m from,
or where I really belong.

It’s hot and cold,
„confusion“ ’s written bold.
They say „take care of your life“,
when there’s nothing else to strive.

The time will pass on,
no matter where you’ve gone.
Thoughts are running wild,
tangled like a child.

Wounds will heal,
no matter what you feel.
One day it will makes sense,
or everything just ends. 🌙


Oh what a shame,
that we all think it’s a game.
It’s something bigger,
that we really should consider.

It’s life that is full of light,
even stars bright up the night.
The darkest places you know,
the brightest light will start to show.

It’s beginning and end,
both combined with a bend.
One day it will start,
but you’re having your guard.

Lay your weights down,
jump high with your crown.
Fly higher than birds do,
find the world that’s true.

Walking on sunshine

Thousand faces,
thousand souls.
Everyone chases
after their goals

There’s no expression
for what they feel
there’s only depression
inside their wheel

Humanity is gone,
the run after wealth
has just begone

But where’s kindness,
attention and love.
Everything else is higher above.

We could rise, we could shine
through support and care.
What’s your’s is mine
The feelings we share.


If I died today… I don’t know what to say
I’d be happy for the things I had
but of course I’d also be sad.

I’d never see you again
I couldn’t help you with your plan
we couldn’t spend precious time
my friend, I hope you would be fine.

I did as much as I could
I lived without the the phrase „I should“.
Nothing was even perfect
but all the pain was worth it.

Maybe I bought to many things
and didn’t trust my wings
I knew that I could fly
but I was way too afraid to try.

I wish I used my opportunities
Didn’t fight over disunities
I could have lived without regrets
dealt better with upsets.

Not everyone liked me
But that’s worth being free
Even if you didn’t hear me scream
Life wasn’t always like a dream.

Maybe I could’ve done it better
but in the end it doesn’t matter.
I lived how I thought it was right
and that’s more worth than the words „I might.